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The workshop provides theoretical information on Geopathic stress zones; teaches Slim's dowsing technique for finding these zones and shows you how to neutralize them. Participants go outside and practice both.

We also share the work done with Slim's Light-Life™ tools on environmental clearing work and the use of all the tools for Earth and body healing work.

There is also time for hands-on practice for the participants.

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Upcoming UK Workshops :


Sunday 30th November 2008

9.30am - 5.30pm

Soliluna House, Glastonbury, Somerset -

with Aranya

(maximum 20 places)


Workshop Timetable

Morning: - 9.30am-11.00pm

Provides an introduction to Geobiology & in particular Geopathic Stress lines. In this session Aranya will explain what they are; introducing the theory behind them & also show how to find them. He will use some real-life examples where by diverting such lines has brought about improvements not only in people's health, but also in areas as diverse as business problems, planning issues, & even smoothing out stormy relations with neighbours.


Aranya will take us all outside & show us how to dowse Geopathic Stress lines. Everybody gets a set of dowsing rods (to keep) & to practice themselves. He will also show us how to put the rods in the ground in order to block these harmful lines.

Afternoon: - 2.00-3.30pm

After lunch, the focus is going to be all about the Light-Life tools. How Slim Spurling invented them, the theory behind them & all the various applications that people have found for them.


The remainder of the afternoon will be a good opportunity for everyone to use all the tools available & to practice on each other. There will also be plenty of time to buy Light Life Tools at the breaks and after the workshop & all participants will be eligible for a 5% discount on any purchased on the day.

Cost £50 - BOOK NOW - £45 early bird price for bookings before 1st July 2008

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