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Light-Life™ Rings

A Functional Art Form based on the principle of sacred geometry measure; superconductivity, and harmonic frequencies of light.

Used to remove energetic blockages for healing in chiropractic, massage, homeopathic, Reiki, Jin Shin, Therapeutic Touch, water therapy and rejuvenation practices by professionals and lay practitioners.

It is an independent development of a discovery made in 1991 and recently found to have its roots in ancient Africa/Egypt, some 3000+ years ago

(Credo Mutlaw Interview, last of the Zulu tribal Scholar/Prophet/Holy Man/ Sangomas; May 2000, Johannesburg).

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Acu-Vac Coils ™ & Feedback Loops™


Acu-Vac Coils ™

A Functional Art Form

Based on the principles of the "Ring" with the addition of controlled polarity and flow. The "Coil" acts like a "Vacuum cleaner" for pain. In skin contact or non-contact modes it has been demonstrated to achieve states of relaxation, in a few minutes as monitored by bio-feedback equipment, which would normally require weeks or months of training to achieve.

As an aid to meditation it may be applied to each chakra to cleanse and energize. The "suction" end first to cleanse for one minute and the "positive" output end for one minute to energize and balance.

A few highly skilled and intuitive practitioners report cases of broken bones knit in as little as twenty minutes with the "Coil".

Other lay practitioners report reduction of swelling and bone knitting in as little as 1 hour with a combination of "Coil", "Ring", "Feedback Loop"and wet towel wrap under field conditions far from civilization.

Chronic low back pain classically is relieved very significally in 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours in a session with the client standing.

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Feedback Loop ™

A Functional Art

Another configuration of the "Coil" with a controlled polarity flow. One part draws in "negative" energy while the other puts in "positive" energy at the point of pain or at the acupuncture points.

Extreme accuracy is not required in locating the points. A very generalized "sweep" of the meridians can be quite beneficial in general or specific manifestations of tension.

The rate-of-flow of energy through the "Feedback Loop" is like a high-pressure car wash wand than the garden hose flow through the "Coil".

Amplified effects occur when used with the "Coil" and "Ring".

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A Functional Art Form

The "Harmonizer" was developed experimentally from three "Rings" and a "Coil". Initially we sought to provide an art form, that would give relief from the "electro-smog" in the modern environment for those who are sensitive to that area of modern day pollution; it worked.

The extraordinary clairvoyants who joined in this early research easily defined the field radius at 100'- in all directions! With a 200' spherical "comfort zone" an Environmental Harmonizer will nicely reduce the electro-smog discomfort in even a large home. Subsequent verification by "High-tech" electronics, "Low-tech" dowsing and direct observation has confirmed the original clairvoyants description of the spherical field.

In the Spring of 1994 we discovered that by applying specific sound frequency patterns from a close by set of earphones or a common "boom box" portable radio-cassette player the spherical radius of the field could be expanded to a 15 mile radius and the indoor and outdoor air in that radius smelled distinctly of the natural ozone produced by a mountain meadow in the Spring - for hours and even days.

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Nose Mask

This is how and what the NOSE MASK IS! by Lonnie

The Nose Mask was made after a friend of mine had a dream (God gives him dreams and he thinks very little of them) that I was going around telling people to wear this mask.

At the same time Armageddon or the apocalypse was coming. In his dream every one that was wearing the mask survived the war and the ones that had the mask on at one point when they closed their eyes and opened them found that they were floating in the air. Then an angel appeared to him and told him to read the book of Nehemiah in the Bible (this book deals with the rebuilding of Jerusalem) and was told that the survivors would rebuild the cities. My friend thought I would find this dream funny, but having seen some of his other dreams come true, I took it to heart.

I had not made a Mask yet or heard of any like was in the dream. As I sat at one of the work tables in Slims house, looking for that inter guidance, my attention focused on a E.H. (Environmental Harmonizer) and I plainly saw a type of mask that could be made by removing two of the legs of a Harmonizer. So I headed out to the shop to make a prototype out of some scrap material. After it was cleaned up and was still wet I put it up to my nose and breathed in and out a few times, noticed that it smelled like fresh air. Telling Slim about it, he tried it for himself, experiencing the same thing. Then he had me make some more prototypes for field-testing.

A few days later Slim had some visitors and we offered to let them try the Nose Mask to see if they would notice any difference in the air that was breathed in. They did and noticed a clearing of the nasal passages, also they put some gold silk over the mask, in doing so found out that the air did not turn hot and still smelled fresh. The lady was so impressed that she wanted one for her mother, who had problems breathing, so we gave her one for a test run for mom. When she arrived home there was a message that her mom was in the hospital with pneumonia and flue like symptoms. She rushed to the hospital to see her mom, taking the Nose Mask with her.

Arriving at the hospital her mom's nose was red and swollen, she put the mask on and her mom kept it on all night. The next day the redness around her nose was gone except for one dot and felt so good that she checked out of the hospital with the desire to go home and start gardening. But did not have her strength yet and had to take it slowly till her strength was built back up. She also said "I was a child the last time I breathed this deep. " She let some of her friends on oxygen try the Nose Mask, they were disappointed they could not keep it, because of the relief it brought them.

The Nose Mask has helped some people with Hay fever type allergies, my Mom and sister and a friend in California who had asthma on top of hay fever. I have used the Mask when recovering from the effects of chemical spraying. Breathing through the Mask I noticed that the Cilia in the lungs was excited and moved the mucus out very rapidly with out having to cough a lot and when I did cough it was very productive, pulling mucus from the deepest parts of my lungs.

I've come to find out there is a fungus, bacteria and a mould that is resistive to antibiotics (coming from the chemtrails). It has been found that copper ions coming off the mask kills all three. The fungus, bacteria and mould infect the lungs and mucous glands causing protein chains to grow in the mucous sticking to the walls of the lungs, with sugar part of the food it uses to grow rapidly. This is not a cure but a remedy and possibly a preventive measure when the chemtrails are being sprayed.

This is how I think it works; The Nose Mask is constructed in such a manor that it has super conducting current but no amps or voltage. When a slight voltage is added to the Mask, the voltage is amplified forty times. So when it comes in contact with the skin the slight voltage from the body powers up the mask with a sizeable super conducting energy that is not harmful to the body but helpful. This energy might aid in producing ionized oxygen. It is already known that when copper is exposed to water it will oxidize, the moisture comes from your breath when it comes in contact with the copper. As you breathe in, the ionized oxygen is ripped off the copper pulling a copper ion with it.

What gave me evidence of the ionized oxygen happening is, when some friends that I gave Nose Masks to had their teenage son try the mask. He had been playing football out side with some of his friends, he was breathing heavy from the work out when he put the Nose Mask on and breathed in five times and became light headed from getting to much oxygen too fast, almost passing out.

When the Nose Mask becomes tarnished use ketchup, coat it and let it set for one hour then rinse off and it will be clean and ready to use again.

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