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The Science...

www.lightlifetools.comDefinition: The study of the effect of earth radiation on living organism. Related studies are Feng Shui, Earth acupuncture, Geomancy and Gridwork.

Dowsing with L-rods, pendulum, or merely with the bare hands, is the method used to locate and identify several types of Geopathic stress lines, i. e. Hartmann-grid, Curry-grid, general geopathic lines, personal and interference lines.

A very simple method of using copper clad iron, brass, stainless steel or copper wires was developed in 1993 to divert or neutralize these lines from homes and business. Other techniques using a single magnet and the Functional Art Form of the Harmonizer were discovered and successfully applied by students in The Geobiology Research Assoc.. This Association is a loosely knit group of students graduated from our introductory training workshop consisting of a two-day intensive in a relaxed atmosphere with instruction in the principles and much hands-on practice.

Each training group usually networks with each other to share experiences, techniques and successes. Written field reports are occasionally submitted and kept on file. They are greatly appreciated and provide a growing body of evidence of the reality of energies unseen, but subject to beneficial change.

An introductory training video is available.

Dowsing for geopathic stress was the launch pad for the discovery of the energies and uses of the Light-Life-Tools as Functional Art Forms.

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The Light-Life™ Tools

The Light-Life™ Tools are the invention of Slim Spurling. Development of the ring to its present state involved contributed ideas and suggestions by a close core group over several years of experiment. All aspects of its existence are proprietary. All rights reserved.

We as a group have found many applications, detailed in following areas: Water; health; healing; pain relief; severe storm damage prevention; relaxation; meditation assistance; fault zone stress reduction; agriculture; pet care; fuel enhancement; jet lag; travel time reduction; sound quality improvement; computer stress reduction; electrical surge protection; broad range environmental improvement; insect damage control.

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Geobiology/Geopathic Stress and its effect on Human Health

Problems and Solutions

by Michael Stodola

Geobiology is a study of the influence of "earth energies" on all forms of life. The earth is threaded with energy lines or meridians of electromagnetic energy that have a powerful influence on living things. Scientists have proven this invisible energy passes through all matter, affecting every living system on the planet, in either a negative or positive way. Man is an electromagnetic creature with every cell in the living system an electrical battery. The electrical system is reflected even more subtly as the human aura that is a photographable and measurable electrical field.

www.lightlifetools.comRecognizing these phenomena, geobiologists work to ensure that the area where people live in is clear of "geopathic stress" or zones of energy which conflict with, or cause harm to living organisms. People correctly assume that this work is similar to the oriental practice of "feng shui".

The main difference is that the geobiologist works with dowseable negative energy lines and fields that he or she then interrupts or neutralizes to clean up the environment. This may be termed energy balancing and it address only those negative aspects that harmfully interact with the electromagnetic world around our biomagnetic bodies. So, bodily stress is often caused by a geobiological stimulus; thus the term geopathic stress.

A partial list of Geopathic Stress would include sleep disorders, tingling, numbness and or pain in arms and legs, chronic fatigue, aching and swelling, dizziness, frequent headaches, vision problems, disorientation, memory loss, instability, stress, nausea, inability to heal, allergies, problematic menstrual cycles, anxiety, listlessness, resistance to medical treatment, inability to absorb vitamins and minerals, ADD, hyperactivity, depression and a general feeling of malaise.

In order to understand this, simply visualize the "negative to human" energy zones, as areas that upset the electromagnetic and auric field of the body and thus compromise the human mental and or immune systems.

The Scientific Community is definitely aware. Scientific statements include:

Dulwich Health Society. Rolf Gordon, 120 Gipsy Hill, London SE191PL.
Research confirms. . . 90% of all cancers of cervical, breast and lung are confirmed as Geopathic Stress. In nearly all cases of suicide, Geopathic Stress was present. Suffering released when Geopathic Stress free.

Dr. Otto Bergmann. Professor at University of Austria.
989 people tested over two years. 462,421 measurements taken in 6,942 individual tests. Blood sedimentation, electric conductance of muscle points, blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing, skin resistance and blood circulation. Determination: Dire consequences with exposure to Geopathic Zones over many years.

Dr. Palle Gad. Surgeon in Aahus Denmark.
SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). 14 of 18 deaths attributed to cribs in Geopathic Zones. Following law of averages only 1 to 2 should have been found in Geopathic Stressed places. Over 3,000 SIDS deaths in Britain per year.

Dr. Enid Worsch. Professor. 1990
Of about 600 cancers cases, less than 5% had no connection with Geopathic Stress.

Dr. E. Hartmann. Over 30 years of practice.
CANCER IS A DISEASE OF LOCATION triggered off by Geopathic Stress. We all produce cancerous cells on a regular basis but they are continuously destroyed by our body's immune system. Geopathic Stress does not cause cancer but weakens our immune system.

Roger A. Rose. FIMCS, MAA, MS, BIO-Med, Dunstable England
Over 50 M.E. sufferers in last 3 years (Myalic Encephlomyelilis: Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome). All M.E. patients are geopathicly stressed. Must be addressed before progress can be made. Geopathic stress attacks the immune system. Spleen and Thyroid are nearly always found weak.

Van Pohl... the "Grand Old Man" of Geopathic Stress.
Estimated in the 1920's that 8% of all places were Geopathically Stressed.

www.lightlifetools.comIn light of this growing body of information it is time we begin to address and offer solutions to the problem of geopathic stress. We are addressing these "negative to human" energy lines in an effort to make our living and working environments safer.

One method, by far the most common, is to dowse for these negative lines on the property and map them to show direction of flow and intersection points. These intersection or crossing points are the most dangerous areas to human health. The energy crosses create a counter-clockwise spin that is extra toxic to our systems.

In days past the cure was to move beds and chairs off of cross points. You never want to spend a lot of time on the cross point. Later solutions involve earth acupuncture, or placing rods into the ground to intersect and bounce the energy before it can reach the house or grounds. This requires a thorough assessment along the perimeter of the property and a blocking of all negative energies that flow into the area. Care must be taken to determine where lines are entering and to block four types including: negative Geopathic Stress lines, negative Hartman lines, Human negative energy lines and Personal Negative energy lines.

Two copper clad dowsing rods can then be inserted into the ground across the line to interrupt its flow. Feng Shui traditions use different methods of dealing with some of these "Dragon Lines", but that is a separate study. Devic clearing is used by some and that will be outlined here.

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Devas and Devic Clearings

The dictionary defines devas as unseen forces - the shining ones, one of the good forces of mythology. They are also called the unseen builders behind all manifested form. They are often thought of as Junior Angels.

This Devic Realm is parallel to the human realm and is a kingdom that is hierarchical including elementals, fairies, gnomes, water and garden sprites, nature spirits and devas of various levels. There now are also devic energies reflecting our electronic and technical creations.

This energy can be contacted! It has consciousness! It is constantly operating all around us, dealing with the energies of creation and materialization. It is a subtle force and everything without exception contains a devic life.

Mankind in its ignorance of these forces has damaged this subtle world, causing negative electromagnetic energy to have to be channeled and/or stored in mother earth. This devic community has been burdened with this chore and has had to assume a caretaker role for the area to which it has been assigned.

Some people have developed contact with the devic realm and are working to improve the environment. This is a co-creative process wherein the devas are freed from past limitations imposed on them by earlier actions of mankind. The devas have always been bound to a place while mankind has had free will without the responsibility for his actions on the environment.

Now through a spirit of co-creation the devas may be called upon to clear all types of geopathic stress, negative energy lines, Hartman lines, personal negative energy lines and other forms of negative or limiting emotional energy which has been stored on a property.

This process is put into effect by the devas when requested and clearings thus effected are measurable by both dowsing and sensing the change in the particular environment.

The Harmony created by a clearing helps both mankind and the devas. More details on all the processes involved may be obtained from one trained in the art of Devic Clearing.

Since the clearings are done on the etheric level before manifesting on our level, they may be done on site or from a distance.

For further information and clearings contact the author Michael Stodola in the USA at (306) 955-4332

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