- Slim Spurling and his amazing discoveries


An Introduction to the Light Life Tools

This is a FREE DVD (limited to 1 per household).

This film was made when Slim Spurling visited the UK in 2005, to present a weekend workshop.

Slim talks to Aranya about about the many different uses of his Light-Life Tools.

Several workshop participants also explain how the Tools have enriched their own lives.

An excellent overview. (approx 20 mins)

Request a FREE copy of the Introduction to the Light Life Tools DVD when you purchase any Light Life Tools. (1 copy max)

Slim Spurling's Universe

This is a double DVD set.

DVD One: Cal Garrison, author of the book 'Slim Spurling's Universe' talks to Slim about his discoveries & the different uses of the Light-Life Tools.(approx 100 mins)

DVD Two: Starts with an introduction by Slim to the Sacred & Lost Cubit measurements upon which the Light-Life™ Tools are based.

He then does a demonstration of a healing session using the Tools, followed by a presentation on the theory behind the Rings, Coils & Harmonizers.

There are also interviews with Cal Garrison & Katharina Spurling-Kaffl about their own experiences with the Tools. Finally Slim outlines the work of the Geobiology Research Association & the pollution clearing work they did around the city of Denver, Colorado. (approx 60 mins)

Please note that these DVDs are region-free & will play on European (Region 2) DVD players.

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