- Slim Spurling and his amazing discoveries


Light-Life™ Rings

The Light-Life Ring™ was first used in meditation. Sitting on a medium ring (1 Cubit) has a noticeable effect in shortening the time required to achieve a meditative state, calming and centering the mind. Sitting in a large ring has the same effect with an added whole body relaxing quality. When standing or sitting in Ring to work or meditate, short periods of time to start are best. Time may be increased according to comfort level.

A jug of water set on a medium ring quickly loses its chlorine smell (2-3 hrs), and appears much clearer and brighter than an identical jug not set on a ring. Start with 1/2 glass 1-3 times per day as a de-toxing effect may be noticed.

As tolerance for the de-toxing increases after several days, increase the intake. One clairvoyant reports that simultaneous use of Ring, Coil, and Feedback Loop on liquids imparts the most “peaceful” liquid aura that he has ever observed. Set container in Ring, hold Coil above in “pulling” mode, and sweep up and down sides with the Feedback Loop. Taste before and after.

Less is better – in drinking the “potentized” water start with ½ glass twice a day and slowly increase over a week or two. Detoxification may occur, manifesting as dark urine, diarrhea, rashes or pustules on the skin – depending on type of toxicity and amount of water consumed per day. Best to go slowly so elimination of toxics doesn’t overload eliminatory organs.

Observe yourself for a “healing crisis”. Too rapid de-toxing may produce some unpleasant symptoms. A general sense of more energy, reduced appetite and need of less sleep usually occurs by the end of the second week. Some very brave souls have reported drinking a gallon on a day from the start with rapid but not unpleasant de-toxing and energy levels not experienced since youth.

Large rings under the mattress have relieved chronic back spasm and sleeplessness.

www.lightlifetools.comwww.lightlifetools.comA medium ring on your airline seat, especially for intercontinental flights significantly reduces jetlag for most travellers.

Ring enhanced water, applied by soaking, wet compress or spray, quickly relieves sunburn and other burns. Rings on water faucets and showerheads reduce soap needs and the morning shower is significantly more invigorating. Try with and without for a few days.

A ring on the garden hose for lawn and garden application will reduce watering requirements and increase plant vigor and yield. We have seen aphids disappear from roses overnight when lightly sprayed.

www.lightlifetools.comA large commercial vegetable farming operation in New Zealand was saved from bankruptcy when Rings were applied to irrigation pipes, ditches and sprinklers, resulting in a 30% increase in yield, and a great increase in quality.

The export buyers are paying in advance for these higher quality vegetables because they arrive in fresher condition at distant ports in Japan and Europe with little appreciable deterioration and are free of insect, bacterial and viral pests.

1½ Cubit copper rings can be used on stove burners to improve the taste of food.

www.lightlifetools.comA large ring has been used by numerous individuals to "scan" dangerous lightening storms, rapidly and significantly reducing the number and intensity of strikes.

On 2 known occasions individuals directly in the path of tornados were able to reduce the threat to zero in 5 to 15 minutes of scanning.

If the cylindrical beam of the Ring, which is perpendicular to the plane, is directed at storm clouds with a gray-green color indicating the potential for tornado or severe storm the gray-green color will disappear in a few moments. DO NOT USE ON clouds unless “gray-green” is

A small ring around coaxial cable for satellite reception helps preventing micro-wave interferences.

A ring under the computer keyboard or worn on the left arm dramatically reduces "computer burnout" in the user. A small ring over the "mouse" keeps the hand working with the mouse relaxed.

Voice quality and information transfer to an audience is significantly improved speaking through a ring. It may look funny, but it works!

Musical instruments achieve a fuller expression of their resonant frequencies, which has an appreciable effect on the audience and performer alike.

Rings placed in front of stereo speakers give a better than live performance quality to the sound.

www.lightlifetools.comA couple of psychics report much improved clarity of perception when holding a ring in front of their face and directing the "beam" toward the client at any distance. Remote viewing, anyone?

A small or medium ring can be used to clean-up a crystal from negative energies.

We have received several reports that stiff wrists and shoulders have relaxed and pain disappeared in a few hours with rings around the offending area. Numerous people reported that certain types of headaches were gone in a few minutes wearing a ring on head.

Passing a large ring around the body top to bottom several times is very energizing first thing in the morning or when tired later in the day.

www.lightlifetools.comStatic is quickly removed from clothing passed 2-3 times through a ring; it also removes the ”energy” of whoever had been wearing the garment previously. Shoes and leather goods feel softer when set in a large ring overnight. A large ring hung on the end of the closet makes all the clothing feel "alive".

One person marketing dancewear passes every new item through a large ring before displaying - then scans the racks every evening to "freshen" after a days handling. Her sales took a big jump and remain higher than the previous 3-year average.

A medium ring under a tea-pot improves the taste of tea.

The Acu-Vac Coil™

The Acu-Vac Coil™ is used primarily to remove “negative” energy from an area of pain in the body. By keeping the bead end of the coil furthest from the body a vacuuming effect is noted –sometimes the subject will report feeling a flow of “energy” out of the site. Slowly moving the coil further and further from the “pain” site works the best. The “pull” of the coil increases with distance, 20 to 30 feet away seems to be a practical limit, but distances out to a hundred feet or more have been utilized. Time may be substituted for distance. The strength of the pull seems to be in direct relationship to distance, unlike the inverse square law of electricity and

The Coil is also used to remove “negative” energy from liquids and foods. Water becomes clearer and tastes better; using a Ring and a Coil together enhances the benefits of both tools, simultaneously removing “negative” and adding “positive”. Water will be ‘super’ – potentized after 12 hours in this ring configuration.

The Coil may also be held in the hand in the slipstream of an automobile traveling down the highway. With the bead to the rear, the Coil appears to clear the air ahead, much like Reich’s Cloud buster. In a similar fashion, A Coil laid on the transmission hump in a car seems to result in better mileage, according to one experimenter.

A Coil with the drawing or pulling end toward a heat source will remove heat from the source (painful areas are reported to feel cooler when the pain is gone.)

A large Coil suspended over crock-pots in Slim’s workshop prevented the temp from exceeding 180 deg. for three hours; normally they would boil in one hour. When the coil was reversed, the pots boiled in about 5 min.--- over 25 deg temp rise in that time.

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The time for a session with the coil will vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour or more. Usually, but not always, a sensation of coolness will appear in the original point or area of pain, when the process is finished. Other signs are very individual and will vary across the spectrum – from expressions of grief, anger, recall of injury events, laughter, to a state of “spacey-ness” or bliss. CAUTION! In the latter two, be sure the person has a designated driver, or can stay put for 12 to 24 hours without needing to travel by car. A feeling of omnipotence may prevail in which the individual may not recognize personal danger. It is best if they simply stay home and relax over night, over a weekend, or take good long walks.

  • The Coil is placed over the point of maximum pain – with the bead away from the body.
  • A slight circular motion helps to “couple” onto the pain, as does a slight, slow, in-and-out motion. Keep the Coil within ½ to 1 inch of the body to start. Remain close to the physical and within the etheric body, until the person reports a cessation of pain or “flow” of
  • Holding the coil very lightly – like one would hold a hummingbird – the operator may sense a vibration, heaviness, very slight “magnetic” pull, heat, cold, or other sensation in his own hand, or in the coil, when the pain is “attached to” and “flowing”.
  • The clairvoyant “sees” a black smoky like material between the point of pain and the Coil. Call it “negative” energy.
  • As the person with the pain reports a change in his sensation of the pain or the energy flow in the original area (or others), begin to move the coil away from the body.
  • First stop, the astral body at 4” to 18” distance from the body, or when either subject or operator sense a change of state in the body or coil. Hold coil at that position until no more change is noted.
  • Next, move Coil past 18” and up to 4” or more from the body. Again, the exact distance to be determined by the sensitivity of the subject or operator. Distances up to 20’ are usual.

The Feedback Loop™

When addressing a point of pain – or more particularly a generalized area of pain such as commonly found across the shoulders or across the top of the pelvis – the Feedback Loop™ may be used in conjunction with the Coil to aid in “breaking up” the “electronic ridge” usually associated with the pain.

  • Hold Loop in one hand, Coil in other, and slowly “sweep” across the pain area.
  • Start close to the body and gradually, over a period of 10 to 15 minutes, increase the distance of the units from the body – up to 15 to 20 feet.
  • This process is basically to be ad libbed – no formulas –any ritual – nothing carved in stone, at the discretion of the user and the subject. Verbal communication by user and subject is VERY OKAY, but not necessary.
  • The devices may be used solo by placing them on an even surface at pain level and slowly walking/inching away – or moving the body in any way that indicates.

There is tremendous degree of freedom to operate these devices. Do what works, follow intuition, and observe self/subject closely – to see and sense what is happening. Let the subject tell you what needs to be done.

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A FINISHING TECHNIQUE that has been developed:

  • Let the subject stand in the large Ring.
  • Hold Coil above the head/crown chakra to pull out any final bit of “negative” energy.
  • Slowly sweep up and down the torso with the Loop – up the back and down the front – making a complete circuit of the body with the sweep.
  • End by slowly lowering large ring down the length of the body and allowing subject to stand there quietly, eyes closed, as long as he/she desires to do so.

IT HAS BEEN RECENTLY DISCOVERED that all of the Light-Life Tools exhibit the highest values of Paramagnetism ever seen in Nature.

With a recorded value of 18,000 units of Paramagnetism, compared to 3000 units for the highest known natural substances.

Paramagnetic soils grow the best crops and Paramagnetic substances promote health and rapid healing.

ANOTHER recent discovery is that when the feedback loop is directed at the Harmonizer the energy suddenly changes from Paramagnetic to Diamagnetic.

Just what the significance and application of this fact may be, is yet to be researched---should be interesting.

Experimenters, please send in field reports and findings on any results you may get.


A Harmonizer™ just sitting in the room will reduce the effects of EMF on the body. Certain High frequencies of EMF, such as the radiation from a TV or computer monitor will cause the blood condition known as roule, or sticky blood. Other sources are the electrical transformers, which reduce voltage from the main line to the household power.

When activated with sound, by placing a pair of earphones or small speakers from a “walkman” or CD player with the Harmonizer between them or in front of stereo speakers, the Harmonizer energy field expands out to a radius of 15 to 65 miles. The audio/sound frequencies that we have carefully chosen are the molecular frequencies of very pure

This frequency driven energy field of the Harmonizer then has a beneficial effect on waters, plants and animals within it’s range.

The audio program may be operated 24/7 at low volume to eliminate or reduce air pollution and other toxins in the environment.

A Harmonizer activated with sound increases the range of an Environmental Harmonizer to about 15 miles radius & an Agricultural Harmonizer to about 65 miles radius. A CD (& a ring) comes with both of these sizes of Harmonizer.


These applications are from Slim’s personal experience and have been duplicated in numerous field reports in his research group. He can't guarantee these results, and he would like to encourage you to find out for yourself.

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